About Jeremy

As a college student, I began teaching myself to design and code websites in 1994. That same year, I presented an example website from a 3.5″ floppy disk to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. I gave them their first glimpse into “this new thing called the World Wide Web.”

I spent most of my career in marketing and advertising, bringing national brands to life online. Along the way, I gained a small following in the mid-’00s as a podcaster and social media gadfly. I like to think of myself as a D-list internet celebrity.

Nearly 30 years later, I am a UX Manager at Oracle Cerner. I love drawing upon my experience to coach and mentor new generations of talent to do the best work they can. My best coaching tool? Being a cautionary tale.


Jeremy has been producing podcasts since 2008, starting with 5BY5’s The Cocktail Napkin. This show was featured on iTunes’s “New and Noteworthy” section and enjoyed some time in the Top 200 Design podcasts.

In 2012, he tried his hand at running a podcast network, starting misfitrad.io, a network devoted to eclectic voices online. The Shakes, a show Jeremy hosted with friends Pat Piper, Quinn Katherman, and Joy Moeller, was the cornerstone of this network.

In 2018, Jeremy and Paul Armstrong revived their misfitrad.io show Oh My Pod! as Uncle Weepy’s Depression Dungeon. Starting with Episode 28, Jeremy and Paul brought Joy Moeller on to round out the perspectives of the show.

The Cocktail Napkin Show Art
The Shakes Show Art
Oh My Pod Show Art
Uncle Weepy's Depression Dungeon Show Art

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, episodes were produced daily for the first 60 days, labeled as Uncle Weepy’s Quarantine Special. While Uncle Weepy is still active, no new episodes have been recorded since July 2021. The gang decided that there was not much new or funny to say as long as our world continued to be a dumpster fire.

Guest Hosting

In addition to his shows, Jeremy has appeared on several leading podcasts to discuss the state of creativity, web design, podcasting, and bad movies.

Let's Make Mistakes
The Big Web Show
The East Wing
Show Me Your Mic
Pixel Recess
Central Standard on KCUR
Creative Feedback
Why Do We Do This?

Speaking Engagements

Jeremy strives to educate, entertain and inspire audiences with his talks about creativity.

He intends to be challenging. Hopefully, some of the things he says will leave audience members feeling a little uncomfortable under their skin. Ideally, that discomfort will be the creative bug nagging at them once it’s been jarred awake by something inspirational but not necessarily motivational, as Jeremy does not wish to be Matt Foley.

Jeremy was asked to guest lecture at the University of Missouri School of Journalism on the subject of creativity, most specifically HOW to do creative work.
How can someone make the best podcast, no matter the production size? Jeremy gives some thoughts during the opening keynote at PodCamp Pittsburgh 6.

Alternative Design Workflows in a “PostPSD” Era

First presented at SXSW Interactive 2014. This program’s description:

As responsive design and progressive enhancement become mainstream practices, the decades-old approach of using Adobe Photoshop to comp up page designs for clients is becoming irrelevant. Along with new tools to learn, there’s also the challenge of acclimating to a client base used to seeing fully-rendered Photoshop designs for decades. How do these new practices benefit them? This presentation looks at some “post-Photoshop” design practices and how they might fit into a designer’s workflow.

Pecha Kucha

For years, Jeremy has enjoyed the art of Pecha Kucha, performing concise presentations timed to auto-advancing slides. The following are examples of Jeremy’s more interesting presentations.

This untitled presentation delves into the Brony culture that revolves around the TV show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and how understanding of this unique culture brings about cutie marks.
"Creative Turtleheads" takes you through 12 years of creative failures and false starts contained on my 4TB drobo. Illustrations, posters, lunchboxes, and a cartoon about a Tiki Bar await.
“My Social Graph Is Getting Weird” attempts to answer why people you barely knew/didn’t know/didn’t like/etc. from your earlier years come out of the woodwork to send you Facebook friend requests.
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