Episode 107: Angry Cat Butthole

Don't let the title fool you. This episode is all about Donald Trump.

Episode 106: Joy Has to Go to Work

Joy gets a call that sends her back to the editing suite. The guys do what comes naturally.

Episode 105: Sucking the Butter From Oklahoma’s Biscuit

Jeremy explains the science behind Oklahoma's earthquakes, Pat's testicles present as swollen and Joy faces a mid-life crisis.

Episode 104: Pat Piper Explains It All

Joy, Jeremy and Pat return from their summer off. In this episode, Pat has a fancy new job and a lot of explaining to do.

Episode 103: TURNT

Gabe Piper returns to the studio, and he's all growns up.

Episode 102: I Am Helpful

Joy and Jeremy discuss helping others.

The Shakes

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