The ups and downs of being “creative” discussed over drinks with friends. That's The Shakes.

Join Jeremy and his co-hosts Pat Piper and Quinn Katherman as they give solace to the fact that the creative insecurities that others feel are universal. Just to prove it, they have a number of guest hosts that share what gets them excited as well as what gives them poopy pants times.

The Shakes is a proud member of Mule Radio Syndicate. New episodes are published weekly.

Speaking Engagements

“An hour with Jeremy is like an hour with the Scared Straight sergeant of creativity.”

– Completely made-up testimonial

Jeremy strives to educate, entertain and inspire audiences with the talks he gives about creativity.

He intends to be challenging. Hopefully some of the things he says will leave audience members feeling a little uncomfortable under their skin. Even more hopefully, that discomfort will be the creative bug nagging at them once it's been jarred awake by dint of something inspirational but not necessarily motivational, as Jeremy does not wish to be Matt Foley.

Broadcast Appearances